Armenian church (Surp Toros) in Tavlasun, Turkey

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Taken the 10/08/11
This is the Armenian church (Surp Toros) of a central Anatolian village where in old times Armenians, Greeks and Turks lived together. - If you have any information about the church or the village etc., please contact the photographer - thank you!
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Latitude: 38° 42' 58" N, Longitude: 35° 34' 25" E see »

Location: Turkey

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There is a feeling like a gang of demons were here...  

Is there any not ruined christian church in Turkey?
By Vil Muhametshin | 04/11/11 - 04:06:50 GMT +0100
When you think about the wonderful wall paintings that use to decorate orthodox churches and see a place like this one you can't avoid a sense of sadness.....I'm thinking about the Bamiyan Buddhas, and a new I read today: A muslim party covering the Zeus Statue and the Sphynx & Pharaophs face for a meeting in Egypt... Is this crazynness ever have an end?
By Henry Alvarez | 04/11/11 - 05:34:23 GMT +0100
Hi Vil
Luckily there are still churches in use and well preserved. Some of them have been turned into mosques. The most famous one is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, but you can also find two in my spheres:
"Blue Hour in Zeytinbag"-the minaret belongs to an originally Greek church from the 6th century
"Güzelyurt 09-4"- in the valley under the mosque with the two minarets is the Greek church from the 19th century. The building is used as a mosque, well preserved, but no more wallpaintings.

Hi Henry
The Turks in general are far away from the way of thinking that led to the destruction of the Buddhas in Bamiyan. I know them as friendly and warm hearted people. The destruction you see in my images is the result of ignorance and lack of knowledge. In recent years Turkey started to protect its cultural heritage more and more. But this is difficult, because Turkey is a big open air museum with thousands of ancient sites.The money Turkey has for protection is hardly enough for the famous places. Here they see tourists coming and spending their money. This helps to improve the awareness of cultural heritage. What I do every year is, to find unknown and endangered places, unprotected and forgotten.
By Heiner Straesser | 04/11/11 - 16:20:01 GMT +0100

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