Tour virtual interactivo del Museo Histórico del Bierzo en Ponferrada

Published on 22/07/11 in the section of Publications

By Henry Alvarez

Museo del bierzo

Os presentamos un recorrido por el interior de Museo Histórico del Bierzo de Ponferrada, en el edificio que fué antiguo consistorio y después carcel de la villa hasta mediados del s.XX.

A virtual tour on the inside of the Historical Museum of the Bierzo County in northwestern Spain. The building was the living quarters for the local "corregidor" or city crown officier, and the city council headquarters in the XVII century, and the city Jail until middle XX century.

Our best wishes in this moment of disgrace for our fellow panographers in Japan

Published on 12/03/11 in the section of Publications

By Henry Alvarez

I'm sure the whole community of panographers is overwhelmed by the moment of disgrace Japan is living now. I'd like to send our best wishes to Junichi Ogino, Kouji, Bokutouzawa, and all the rest of great photographers in viewat, hoping they and their beloved ones are doing ok at this moment.....once again the people in Japan are showing to the world their strength to endure such difficult circunstances. Our love and admiration to them all.

Tour virtual de las Cuevas de Valporquero en León

Published on 03/12/10 in the section of Publications

By Henry Alvarez

Sala de las Maravillas, Cueva de valporquero

Sala de las Grandes Maravillas, Cueva de Valporquero

Tour virtual por el interior de la impresionante Cueva de Valporquero, en la Provincia de León y sus alrededores en

A virtual tour on the awesome inside & surroundings of the Vlaporquero Cave, in León (Spain)