Los Sitios de Astorga de 1812: Preparando la municion

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Taken the 28/04/12
Reconstrucción histórica del sitio de Astorga por las tropas de Napoleón en 1812 y su recuperación por las tropas españolas
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Latitude: 42° 27' 8" N, Longitude: 6° 3' 17" W see »

Location: Astorga, Spain

Comments on panorama:

That's a nice series of images. What a pity that the weather gods didn't support you a bit more.
By Heiner Straesser | 15/05/12 - 08:07:33 GMT +0200
Thank you Heiner! In fact the weather gods were in such a bad mood that in the very moment the battle was to begin, an incredible ice storm made the troops flee away! Just like in Napoleon times :)
By Henry Alvarez | 15/05/12 - 08:15:06 GMT +0200

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