Visita escuela de Kalak, Yagoua, Camerún

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Taken the 19/02/10
Visita al colegio público de Kalak en el cual colabora Globlamon, nos enseñaron las instalaciones y asistimos a las clases que estaban impartiendo. En la visita virtual se puede ver como disfrutan del baile y el recibimiento que nos dieron cuando llegamos.

Visit to  Kalak public school in which collaborates Globlamon, they taught us the facilities and we had the opportunity to see their classes while their were working. The virtual tour you can see how they were  enjoying the dance and the welcome they gave us when we arrived.

Now you can hear it and you can feel it at the follow direction.
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Latitude: 10° 20' 54" N, Longitude: 15° 14' 47" E see »

Location: Yagoua, Cameroon

Comments on panorama:

Bernard remove one http from the link, its to long ;). It looks much better with sound, I should also try to look at my panos with some proper sound on :). Maybe ViewAt will allow us to add short sounds in the future ;).
Faces of that children look interesting - some of them are just happy, other are interested, some are a little bit scared, but there are also faces that looks bored with JAO (shortcut similar to JAFO from some movie, but I do not want to use F). Do they often have such a visits? Do they have anything from them (even new knowledge is something)?
By Wojciech Połowczuk | 05/03/10 - 12:38:34 GMT +0100
I just removed the http , thanks for that. They were not so bored and scared but capturing this type of panoramas is not easy and sometimes they put new faces in seconds as you know.

About the visits, normally they have visits because the NGO is in charge to check how everything works, teachers, rooms, children, etc.

It´s not a tourist visit and they receive material from the NGO, seeds, agriculture knowledge from agronomist engineer, etc
By Bernard Custard Gascó | 05/03/10 - 13:18:10 GMT +0100
About the sound we are working on that option an a few more but at the moment we are developing new features ;)
By Bernard Custard Gascó | 05/03/10 - 13:20:24 GMT +0100
Thank you for your answers :).
By Wojciech Połowczuk | 05/03/10 - 14:24:49 GMT +0100
Your welcome Wojciech !!!
By Bernard Custard Gascó | 05/03/10 - 14:26:34 GMT +0100
La lumière forte doit donner des écarts importants lors des prises de vues. Chapeau pour le résultat.
By Elmer | 12/10/11 - 09:30:22 GMT +0200

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