'Love locks' on bridge in Cologne

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Taken the 07/08/12
The tradition of the "Love locks" comes probably from Italy but here in Cologne you can see many of them. They are estimating that there are around 200.000 of those locks attached to the fence that divides the railway from the pedstrian part which adds up to about 16 tonnes of metal locks!!! They look great and every time I go there you will still find couples attaching more locks to show their love.
This has really only taken off since 2009 as you can see on http://www.360cities.net/image/hohenzollernbruecke-koeln since then they doubled the height of the fences and the locks just took over. Somebody also attached an angle grinder and named it "The master Key".

The bridge is the Hohenzollernbruecke which is about 400m long and 30m wide and is for pedestrians, cyclists and trains only.
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Latitude: 50° 56' 28" N, Longitude: 6° 57' 58" E see »

Location: Cologne, Germany

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That's really lovely!  What a wonderful concept.  Wish we did something like that here in the USA.
By Tanja Barnes | 10/05/13 - 16:29:51 GMT +0200

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