Close to the lava

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Taken the 21/11/12
This one was taken under big risks. Inside the volcano close to the lava with the tripod, the camera and me all about to melt but it was worth it. I had to get out when the glass of the lens started dripping down like melting ice.

Was it really that hot I can hear people ask.

Well, that is up to you to decide.
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Latitude: 37° 45' 1" N, Longitude: 14° 59' 36" E see »

Location: Belpasso, Italy

Comments on panorama:

Nice work. Very interesting geometric patterns in some of the lava.
By Randy Kosek | 23/11/12 - 11:59:50 GMT +0100
Hmm, looks like you are not buying the lava bit.
What made you suspicious? The melting glass comment or really just the geometric patterns??
Well, it looks quite OK I think.
By Barcud Revnik | 24/11/12 - 10:59:24 GMT +0100

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