Panoramas by Walker Young

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Walks for the Dignity, 308 為尊嚴而走

3 votes

We are humble and peaceful people, but if anyone insults our dignity, we will not hesitate to voice our discontent.

Walks for the Dignity

2 votes

Wearing Aboriginal clothing and bands bearing the word "dignity," hundreds of Aborigines from across the country on 08/03/2008 staged a...

Wanshan Rock Carvings

5 votes

Located in the primitive forest north of Mt. Wantoulan, Maolin Township, Kaohsiung County, the rock carvings consist of three parts, Kopaca'e,...

The Central Fountain of Chiayi City

1 votes

Central Fountain of Chiayi City"Central Fountain Traffic Circle," a sentiment landmark of Chiayi residents. The view also takes in a bronze statue...

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