Nerik 2010-3, Oymaagac, Turkey

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Taken the 07/09/10
Now in the fourth year of the archaeological excavations in Oymaagac, we hope for the final proof that this is the Hittite religious center of Nerik. Last year there were some cuneiform inscriptions, mentioning the citiy of Nerik - a strong indication. Here you can see stairs leading down into a subterranean tunnel. This will become an exciting part of the excavation next year. But before that there need some preparations to be done, to avoid a breakdown of the tunnel. The purpose of the tunnel is still completely unknown. What you can also see are some women from the village who are working here. That had started 2009 as an experiment, because the traditional rules wouldn't allow this. But it worked out very well. Surprisingly many women wanted to work here and the men didn't create any problem.

In the 2nd millenium B.C. the Hittites ruled an empire that reached from western Turkey to the borders of Egypt.
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Latitude: 41° 12' 28" N, Longitude: 35° 25' 46" E see »

Location: Turkey

Comments on panorama:

What an interesting journey you've made! thank you for taking us there! :)
By Enrique Alvarez | 11/03/11 - 10:23:40 GMT +0100
That's actually the place where I work every year in my summer holidays. The life in the excavation camp and the contact with the wonderful local people is very different from home and helps to refresh my mind. On the way there I always look for new places to shoot some panoramas. Step by step I'll get a nice collection of Turkey which I will publish here.
By Heiner Straesser | 11/03/11 - 11:44:39 GMT +0100
We're going deeper and deeper... :) Great panorama!
By Vil Muhametshin | 11/03/11 - 13:26:08 GMT +0100
I hope, at the end of the year I can show a pano from inside the tunnel and tell what it was made for and where it goes.
By Heiner Straesser | 11/03/11 - 14:29:29 GMT +0100
L'endroit de la prise de vue est très bien choisi.
By Elmer | 12/10/11 - 09:19:10 GMT +0200

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