Bet Gabriel Rufa´el, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Taken the 16/08/09
Bet Gabriel-Rufa’el (The House Of Gabriel And Raphael Or The House Of The Archangels). This church is more difficult to describe in character and situation than the others. Its disorientation and unusual plan suggest that it was originally not intended to serve as a church. Instead, the floor plan is labyrinthine: three angular halls with pillars and pilasters are squeezed between two courtyards. The most impressive part of the church is the monumental facade.
The church is usually entered from the top of the rock near Bet Emanuel in the east, by a small bridge of logs leading over the central trench.
You may also approach from the east by a series of small tunnels, a gallery like passage and another log bridge 10 m, above the courtyard.
The triangular floor of the northern courtyard is enclosed by walls whence, high up, the facade of the church and the gallery opposite can be seen. Down in the courtyard there is a well and an underground cistern. Steps lead down to a subterranean hall of pillars, where the water sinks or rises, according to the dry and rainy seasons.
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Latitude: 12° 1' 53" N, Longitude: 39° 2' 43" E see »

Location: Lalibela, Ethiopia

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excellent !
By Sam Rohn :: | 18/04/10 - 18:23:43 GMT +0200
Bernard,enhorabuena me encantan todas.
By Susana López | 19/04/10 - 05:09:21 GMT +0200
Sam and Susana, thanks for your kind comments :)
By Bernard Custard Gascó | 19/04/10 - 10:10:17 GMT +0200

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