Summary of the highlights of December

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Per Team

97 new panoramas have been published this month on
Of which the fived more rated are:

Molino Verde, Outeiro - El Bierzo, vista interior

by Henry Alvarez

Ura Kidane Mehret, Lake Tana, Ethiopia

by Wilfried Glocar

Camden Lock Market - Northern End of the Stables Market

by John Michael Leslie

Grand place de Lille

by Jackfrombelgium

AFT Migas 2013

by José María Moreno Santiago

And the most relevant authors are:

Juan Carlos Izquierdo
from València

Wilfried Glocar
from Germany

Haute-Vienne Tourisme
from Limoges

Carlos Anillo
from Logroño, La Rioja, España

Bob Groothuis
from Scheveningen - The Netherlands