V Cumbre de Jefes de Estado ALC-UE

Publicat el 26/05/08 a la secció de Meetings

Per John Sanchez


Culminó exitosamente la V Cumbre ALC-UE en Lima, dando encuentro a los mandatarios y Jefes de Gobierno de los países de América Latina, el Caribe y la Unión Europea, quienes se dieron cita en la sede del Museo de la Nación, del 15 al 17 de mayo de 2008. Peruamas estuvo presente en este gran evento captando las mejores imagenes panoramicas en 360°.

Hall de la Prensa



Publicat el 14/05/08 a la secció de Publications

Per Weddepohl Ronald

Vandaag weer twee nieuwe panorama's gepubliceerd:

Het Chasseeterrein en de Parade

Autodesk Acquires Assets of REALVIZ

Publicat el 08/05/08 a la secció de Press

Per Bernard Custard

Autodesk Acquires Assets of REALVIZ, Developer of Image-Based Content Creation Software.

 Autodesk, Inc today announced that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of REALVIZ S.A., the privately held developer of image-based content creation software.

For more information, please read Autodesk. , also you can see the realviz website.

Issue 30 VrMag

Publicat el 08/05/08 a la secció de Publications

Per Bernard Custard

Another issue of VRMAG this one it´s amazing and it exciting news, interviews and products so if you want to know more about this issue definently you have to visit it and digg on every article. Guys like always, excellent job !!

Control pan tilt & zoom updates

Publicat el 29/04/08 a la secció de Others

Per viewAt.org Team

Good news for all the viewAt.org panographers!

ViewAt.org has updated the way you adjust the pan, til and zoom in your user panel. Now it is easier to do it , you only have to move it the way you want it and click the button with the camera icon. All the information it will be saved in the form.

We hope that it will be very usefull for all of you.

Issue 29 VrMag

Publicat el 02/04/08 a la secció de Publications

Per Bernard Custard

For those who love panoramic photography, you will remember that last December, 2007, we had just received a present of a new issue of VRMAG 28. Now we´ve got number 29, we have plenty of news and photos. We have just seen that a few members have been recruited for an article or to publish their work.

For us it is an honour to see that a few of these photographers are members or collaborators of viewAt.org. Congratulations again from all the people who are working at the viewAt.org Team and for those who have been recruited to publish their photos and once again thanks VRMAG for doing such a good job.

Hope to see more news and good panoramas in the next edition.

All the best,

viewAt.org Team.

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