Airbus A380 first delivery to Qantas

Publicat el 20/09/08 a la secció de Press

Per Benjamin Ziegler

Here is a complete virtual visit i made for Airbus.
Is it the first A380 that has been delivered to Qantas airline.
You can see all class equipment and design, the cockpit and an exterior view.
The ceremony has append tonight  september, 20 ,2008 at 8h30 GMT -1. 

You can see the visit on airbus site there : but it looks very busy

You can see on my server there :

A380 qantas

18-23 September 2008 Colors A World Wide Panorama

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Per Bernard Custard

As we all know, remember that next week we have got an event of World Wide Panorama. We say it for those you are a little bit forgetful.

Color - A World Wide Panorama
18-23 September 2008

In the days surrounding the September 2008 equinox, photographers around the world will participate in another World Wide Panorama. The exact date of the equinox is 22 September 2008, 15:44 UTC.

The previous events have created a showcase of VR photography, with over 4500 panoramas by 920 photographers from more than 70 countries. The World Wide Panorama represents everyone in the VR community, from first-timers to professional photographers.

For more information:

World Wide Panorama

Como todos sabemos, la próxima semana tenemos un evento de World Wide Panorama. Hacemos memoria para todas las mentes olvidadizas.

Color - A World Wide Panorama
18-23 September 2008

En los dias que rodean el equinoccio de Septiembre de 2008 fotógrafos de todo el mundo participan en otra edición de World Wide Panorama. la fecha exacta del equinoccio es el 22 Septiembre 2008, 15:44 UTC.

En las ediciones anteriores se han presentado más de 4500 panoramas creados por 920 fotógrafos de más de 70 países. El World Wide Panorama representa a cualquier persona del mundo de la comunidad de fotografía panorámica, desde los principiantes hasta los fotógrafos profesionales.

Para más información:

World Wide Panorama

Issue 31 Olympic Games Beijing

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Per Bernard Custard

Another issue of VRMAG this one it´s amazing and it has exciting news, interviews and products so if you want to know more about this issue definently you have to visit it and digg on every article. In this issue we just make an advance of the new features of, we would like to include plenty of things but step by step we will add new tools for the panographers. Great job like always!!!!

Bacabú no Museo Provincial de Lugo

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Per Jesús Martínez

Server migration

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Per Team

Sorry for the inconvenience but the company responsible for doing the server migration has had technical difficulties, hopefully for Moday it will be settled down and everything back to normal.

Today we have reached at 1500 panoramas!

Publicat el 03/06/08 a la secció de Others

Per Team

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