Kokkinos Villas at Santorini  - Santorini Caldera Hotel

Kokkinos Hotel at Santorini in Akrotiri Village (room 2)

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Hotel and rooms for Family at Santorini island in Greece with Caldera view.Kokkinos Villas hotel offers the best service for families who want to spend a beautiful holiday in Santorini, offering comfort and fully equipped rooms for the whole family.Kokkinos Villas is the best choice for family hotels in Santorini
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Latitud: 36° 21' 36" N, Longitud: 25° 24' 9" E

Lloc: Σαντορίνη, Greece

  Panoràmiques pròximes a lat. 36.360100720 y long. 25.402600765 ver todo

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