The bridge across the Irtysh River

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Presa el 27/01/07
The bridge ("The Red dragon ") across the Irtysh River in the Khanty-Mansiysk city. Total length of the bridge — 1302 meters, weight — 11245 tons. This bridge is the part of the highway Khanty-Mansiysk - Nyagan. Because of its bright red color it was nicknamed by local residents "The Red dragon". An assembly of three central sections had been made on the coast, then with the most powerful jacks the sections have been shipped on the barge and transported to the place of installation. The construction was completed in 2004.
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Latitud: 60° 59' 20" N, Longitud: 68° 58' 54" E veure »

Lloc: Russian Federation

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Hi, that is amazing view, red&white.
Per Marek Kowalczyk | 24/04/08 - 21:22:42 GMT +0200
Thanks. Too very much it is pleasant to me. Has thought, that for a long time was not in this place though I live in 20 minutes of walking.
Per Evgeniy Listyuk | 25/04/08 - 06:23:48 GMT +0200

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