Australian National Botanic Gardens : Escape from Work

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Presa el 20/11/04
The official purpose of the gardens is : "Growing, studying and promoting Australia's flora". It is in practice much more than that. They offer lots of activities to the public (for instance free concerts every January Sunday and Saturday evenings).

For me it is a place of calm and relaxation just 5 min walk away from my work. Just to remind that this safe place is indeed in the middle of the town, I Included the Telecom tower, the main Canberra Landmark
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Latitud: 35° 16' 34" S, Longitud: 149° 6' 31" E veure »

Lloc: Australia

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Great, you did it. First one and it´s great to get out of work and see this type of gardens. ;)
Per Bernard | 20/09/07 - 16:53:02 GMT +0200
C'est absolument splendide... on s'y croirait !
Per Midu92 | 08/10/07 - 13:38:41 GMT +0200

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