Polo Surreal Surround

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Presa el 13/10/12
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Equip utilitzat:

Canon 5D, with 85 Zeiss prime along with a Manfrotto Panoramic Head and a variable ND filter.


Well the Technique used here with this Pano is a lot different then most.
I had 14 Models along with horses that I had to keep moving around...
Lets just say It was Much Fun!!! and I think that the results are kick ass.

Latitud: 32° 49' 17" N, Longitud: 80° 10' 2" W veure »

Lloc: United States

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

Superb Job Joshua. Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us :)
Per Bernard Custard | 10/01/13 - 06:36:59 GMT +0100
Very cool!!!
Per Barcud Revnik | 10/01/13 - 08:30:24 GMT +0100
Very funny panoramic, beautiful color and good idea.
Per Carlos Anillo | 12/01/13 - 01:11:26 GMT +0100
Josh, this is quite amazing! Knowing the tedious details that had to be addressed as you were shooting ..... it would have been a job ... normally for several assistants! But knowing you did it alone makes it even more fabulous! Kudos to you!!!!!
Per Laura Wadford | 20/05/14 - 17:02:38 GMT +0200

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