Chapel episcopal residence Ziesar Castle

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The chapel of the bishop's residence Ziesar Castle is an outstanding structure in the late Middle Ages, an interesting church of Gothic architecture. The almost perfectly preserved wall and ceiling paintings in the interior and the ornate facade make it a Historic-Artistic Monument.

1470 Bishop of Stechow inaugurated in Ziesar Castle one of the bishop's residence worthy chapel. It has a rectangular vaulted brick hall with stone galleries and chapel-like niches. The impressive room, the walls are decorated with painted wall hangings, a frieze deposed and painted with green vines monochrome painting. The walls of the side niches are provided with a crescent Madonna, the root of Jesse, and a suspected Marie pedigree.

The chapel was used after the Reformation rarely for worship. At the end of the 17th Calvinists century whitewashed the paintings with white paint. Just putting the medieval paintings could be saved over the centuries, and ultimately restored.

The chapel of the bishop's residence Ziesar Castle is the Catholic community since 1952 as a house of worship available.
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