Hasan tradicional artisan, Istanbul, Turkey

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Presa el 12/08/11
Hasan it´s Ahmed´s friend and also an artisan working in Istanbul. They work in the same caravasari, if you want to know who it´s Ahmed look at my panoramas and you will find it .Below this lines  you have a little translation we did from the audio interview to english.

The place where we are standing is one of the oldest in Istanbul. There, you have Yeni Camii, Hagia Sofia; on the left, Europe; on the right, Asia. This caravan tradepost was built by order of Kosem Sultan, the wife of the Ottoman Sultan, Ahmed III. She had it made it so that artisans could work here and since then, hundreds of Ottomans have built something here, but over time, people began to leave.
Ten years ago, people worked here 12 hours a day. Nowadays, we have lost the battle to new technologies. Everybody’s gone and we are the last ones here.
We are very polite to the tourists who visit us and we are pleased to see them but Europeans don’t like the Turks but the Turks do like Europeans and they will always be well received.

Thanks you very much Hasan and Ahmed for such a great experience. We hope to see you soon when we go back to Istabul. Also thanks to Huseyin Karagul for being so polite and translate us, because otherwise it would be impossible to do this work.
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Latitud: 41° 0' 14" N, Longitud: 28° 58' 37" E veure »

Lloc: Turkey

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

Caray, menuda vista tiene el pollo desde el balcón, que lujazo :D
Per Henry Alvarez | 05/12/11 - 04:48:18 GMT +0100
Hasan y Ahmed tienen la suerte de tener ese pedazo de vistas. No sabes lo bien que se está tomando un café contemplando ese paisaje. Impresionante !!!. Unas personas súper hospitalarias y muy entrañables.

Da gusto ser un visitante y ver que la gente es tan cordial y te recibe tan amablemente.

De verdad que tanto Ahmed como Hasan son personas muy entrañables y con un corazón muy grande.
Per Bernard Custard | 05/12/11 - 06:15:38 GMT +0100
¿Por qué  será que lo que menos tienen son los más propensos a compartirlo?
Per Henry Alvarez | 05/12/11 - 07:25:44 GMT +0100
Será por la educación o quizás por costumbre. Tenemos mucho que aprender de otras culturas !!!.
Per Bernard Custard | 05/12/11 - 08:10:25 GMT +0100
Lot of smarts in that posintg!
Per RyVkCUgx | 13/12/11 - 22:02:01 GMT +0100

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