Castillo de Valdés, Ponferrada, 2

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Presa el 17/07/11
The "Finca de Valdés", located near the town of Campo, Ponferrada, represents for many locals the symbol of the great heritage for over thirty years bequeathed Miguel Fustegueras "Valdés"

This character surrounded by a halo of mystery, is responsible for managing the abundant family properties acquired  mainly in the church confiscation of the nineteenth century.

In his will he ordered the sale of all estates and property in order to build a nursing home for the elders.

This philanthropic claim was achieved after thirty years from his death. Oblivious to the recovery of the estate have been the little castle, built probably at the end of last century, and gardens.

This is an interesting botanical sample that has been hit hard by years of looting, neglect and fire.

In this mock botanical garden, populated by pine trees, olive trees, oaks, maples, arbutus trees, palms, magnolias, laurels, and so on., Stands expectantly a Cedar or Incense California with its 31 meters
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Latitud: 42° 32' 45" N, Longitud: 6° 34' 1" W veure »

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