Roof Garden at the South Bank Centre by the River Thames in London

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Recommended as a place to shoot a panorama by Peter of the Ice Kitchen Artisan Ice Cream Company - Thanks!

The Roof Garden is a recent addition to the South Bank Centre located just downstream from Hungerford Bridge. The angled white pillars on the older Railway Bridge support newer Foot Bridges on both sides, allowing a choice of view as you cross the river (my Hungerford Bridge panoramas were shot from the other, upstream side). At the far end of the Bridge you can see Charing Cross Railway Station. Directly across the River is Cleopatra's Needle, both the English and the French relieved Egypt of one of those each, the French one being in Paris.

Closest to the Festival Pier and travelling downstream is one of the Thames Clipper catamarans, which are a modern take on the River Bus, only much quicker. They're a cheap way to take a trip along the Thames, as you can just use an Oyster card and travel all the way from North Greenwich (which in addition to the O2 has both the Emirates Airline cable cars and a free Foot Tunnel across the Thames - see my panoramas of both) along the river to the London Eye. For more see

The next bridge downstream (to the right as you look out over the River) is Waterloo Bridge, but it is hidden by the trees. Note as of posting this (Oct 2013) Google's Satellite imagery for the location pre-dates the roof garden, so you can see what it looked like beforehand.

That's four panoramas I've done in a row with really tricky parallax issues (as I'm just shooting with a bit of string as a guide), maybe next time I'll not be right up against a wall/railing that heads off into the distance, just for a change! This used 7 images stitched together. If you like this do have a look at my Tate Modern panorama, which seems to have passed everyone by  - it should be somewhere in the list of my panoramas below this text.
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Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

Great picture John. Congrats and welcome.
Per Bernard Custard | 14/10/13 - 23:13:02 GMT +0200
Thank you, this was the 20th Panorama I've posted here and that's the first nice comment, so it's most appreciated!

(Although it's only the second comment I've had, so I'm not suggesting I'm getting any grief, quite the opposite and I was delighted to have one of my panoramas on the top five most liked for July.)

I still haven't worked out why people like some of mine more than others, as it doesn't always agree with which ones I like the most, but I'm happy if anyone gets any enjoyment from them. (One day I might even work out why the Tate Modern one has no votes at all, or maybe that will be one of life's great mysteries...)

Thanks again!
Per John Michael Leslie | 15/10/13 - 12:03:15 GMT +0200

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