Scars in Thai heart

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Presa el 23/05/10
Scars in Thai heart: after the riots in Bangkok, Thailand
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Latitud: 13° 44' 42" N, Longitud: 100° 32' 23" E veure »

Lloc: Thailand

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It's so sad to see such a wonderful country shaken by social unrest...we all hope you could heal your wounds soon and be again that nice place to visit!
Per Enrique Alvarez | 24/05/10 - 01:57:41 GMT +0200
I hope all your family and friends are well. I have followed the conflict in the news... I hope everything is resolved and Thailand gain in equality, liberty and fraternity!
Per Iban Borràs | 24/05/10 - 04:03:11 GMT +0200
Hi Poj,
seems this guy copy your idea :
at least, panos becomes popular..  ;-)
Per David | 24/05/10 - 06:29:07 GMT +0200
great one krab.
I was busy cleaning street on that day.
Per Dheerayod Patibhanthewa | 27/05/10 - 09:12:35 GMT +0200
Thank you every one, this make me feel so good on this sadness. Atleast, to know that there are a lot of good heart people on this planet.
Per Poj Songcharoen | 29/05/10 - 08:12:35 GMT +0200

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