Khun Phan's House (Central Thai's Style Woodhouse)

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Presa el 26/03/09
Khun Phan's House (Central Thai's style woodhouse) near Wat Phra Si Sanphet. Featuring ViewAt co-founder couple and Thai’s panoramic photographers resting during very hot day trip in Ayuttaya, the ancient capital of Thailand.
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Latitud: 14° 21' 12" N, Longitud: 100° 33' 33" E veure »

Lloc: Thailand

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

Wow...ViewAt founder take a trip with you in Thailnad!
That's really cool in a hot season like this krab.
Per Jellybobo | 29/03/09 - 07:14:19 GMT +0200
Jajajaja, I know who are them. :P He guys you look gorgeous !!!.
Per Bernard Custard Gascó | 29/03/09 - 11:00:07 GMT +0200
Thank you Poj and Wis for giving us your hospitality and your friendship.
Per Lia | 30/03/09 - 17:32:59 GMT +0200
sorry not to be there with you (March trip canceled :-( because some late works to achieve), try to come in April for SongKran...
seems you had a great time and very hot (funny red face, Poj :-) )
Per David | 31/03/09 - 18:45:26 GMT +0200

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