Texas Suki Restaurant, China Town in Bangkok

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Presa el 31/07/10
Texas Suki Restaurant, China Town in Bangkok
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Latitud: 13° 33' 29" N, Longitud: 100° 15' 13" E veure »

Lloc: Thailand

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

I like being with you! :-D I am while working ... aaaaahg! heheheh...

Best regards!
Per Iban Borràs | 02/08/10 - 05:17:12 GMT +0200
Interesting !!!!! jejeje. We are at the airport waiting for our flight . We hope to see you soon because now it is your turn.

Thanks for your hospitality.

Bernard & Raquel.
Per Bernard Custard | 03/08/10 - 01:01:28 GMT +0200
Iban!  you missed the elephant last time...

Have a safe trip home.  Thanks for visiting us, I really had a good time with all of you.
Per Wiz | 03/08/10 - 02:17:41 GMT +0200
Hi Wiz.

I'm sad about not being able to go to Thailand! I hope to return another time and enjoying of your pleasant company.
Per Iban Borràs | 03/08/10 - 03:16:16 GMT +0200
Hello Bernard & Raquel, You are welcome. Good to hear that you have a safe journey home. Hope you guys not so tired after long trip :-)
Per Poj Songcharoen | 03/08/10 - 04:09:45 GMT +0200
Bon apetit! Estamos todos expectantes ante las panorámicas que habras hecho por esos sitios, Bernard ¡No tardes en subirlas!
Per Enrique Alvarez | 03/08/10 - 09:53:05 GMT +0200
Thanks guys it is an honor to met both of you and now it´s your turn and you have to come to Spain. You´ve got a few houses to stay for free so when ever you wish you are invited.

Thanks for all your kindness and hospitality.

Enrique i shoot a lot of pictures but not to many panoramas. When i have time i will start processing a few ones.

Wiz and Poj i will send you a few things !!!. :). Please write to my private email your full direction. Many thanks for everything.
Per Bernard Custard | 03/08/10 - 11:50:00 GMT +0200

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