Selfportrait of a panorama photographer

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Presa el 09/04/12
Selfportrait of the photographer in the Devrent valley in Cappadocia. Normally the shadows of the photographer and his tripod must not be visible in a panoramic image. They are a sign of missing professionality. But sometimes its nicer not to follow the rules.
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Latitud: 38° 40' 24" N, Longitud: 34° 53' 13" E veure »

Lloc: Turkey

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

I love that picture and i remember very well how it is been there. Wowww, i want to go again. ;) . Congrats for such a pano Heiner ;)
Per Bernard Custard | 08/11/12 - 06:59:42 GMT +0100
What an absolutely amazing place! They say panographers are like  vampires: we have no shadow and we don't appear in you dared to expose yourself to de sun! :D
Per Henry Alvarez | 08/11/12 - 07:41:29 GMT +0100
Thank you for your comments.
You are absolutely right Henry. As a panographer I'm like a vampire. But in a moment of weakness I took off my camouflage cape and exposed my pale body to the sun, burnt a black shadow into the rock and regreted it immediately. Sunburnt after an exposure time of 1/125! You are a veterinary surgeon, do you know how to treat a sunburnt vampire? At least I learnt it's better to continue my life as an invisible shadow-sucking panorama-vampire...
Per Heiner Straesser | 09/11/12 - 10:55:03 GMT +0100

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