Eminönü Square. Istanbul

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Presa el 18/02/10
Close to Golden Horn (Halic river) , Galatabridge and the Yeni Camii (New Mosque) is the Eminönü Square. From here you can take busses, ferries and a modern tramway to all parts of Istanbul. And of course there are a lot of street trader who try to sell their goods to the people.
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Lloc: Turkey

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What a petty not to be there right now :).
Per Bernard Custard | 05/12/11 - 10:41:12 GMT +0100
Hi Bernard
It seems you've caught the "Turkey-virus" ;)
I think you should return to Turkey and continue taking spheres of workshops, hairdressers etc. What you are doing is a great documentary of a dying world. With an economic growth of more than 8% every year, these small workshops will disappear.
Per Heiner Straesser | 05/12/11 - 23:28:03 GMT +0100
I had that virus since the first time i visited Turkey. As you said Heiner it´s very sad to see how that world it´s dying :(. How artisans and great traditions are losing their way like other parts of the planet. I´m with you with that growth they will disappear quickly Ahmed and Hasan explained us the same thing.

The goverment it´s trying to do somethings but they don´t put to much effort on it. They told me that it´s a shame that not body specially young turkish people don´t care about their traditions and they feel happy to see that foreigners are interested in them. I will return again to Turkey but i will visit the North this time because it´s the part that i didn´t visit and then will jump to Iran.
Per Bernard Custard | 05/12/11 - 23:47:15 GMT +0100
That sounds like a wonderful journey. The north-eastern part of Turkey is full of mountains with dense forests. That will remind you to the Pyrenees and the Alps. And then there is a kind of rain-border. Coming from the Black Sea you pass a fertile and humid land and after surpassing the highest point of the street you will drive down into a dry and hot country. I'm on the best way to become jealous ;)  No, I am jealous! Especially about Iran. I went there in 1992 by motorcycle, met wonderful people and since then I'm hoping for a peaceful revolution. The people really deserve it, but today they are suffering more then ever.
Per Heiner Straesser | 06/12/11 - 12:39:57 GMT +0100

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