Gun deck of Batavia ship

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Presa el 09/11/07
A replica of the Batavia was built at the Bataviawerf (Batavia Wharf) in Lelystad in the Netherlands. The project lasted from 1985 to 7 April 1995, and was conducted as an employment project for young people under master-shipbuilder Willem Vos. The shipyard is currently reconstructing another 17th century ship. In contrast to the merchant ship Batavia, Michiel de Ruyters' flagship, the Zeven Provinciën, is a ship of the line.

The Batavia replica was built with traditional materials, such as oak and hemp, and using the tools and methods of the time of the original ship's construction. For the design, good use was made of the remains of the original ship in Fremantle (and of the Vasa in Stockholm), as well as historical sources, such as 17th century building descriptions (actual building plans weren't made at the time), and prints and paintings by artists (who, at the time, generally painted fairly true to nature), of similar ships.
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Latitud: 52° 31' 20" N, Longitud: 5° 26' 7" E veure »

Lloc: Lelystad, Netherlands

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Incredible one Vil !!!!!! . It´s the first time I can see a Gun Deck perfectly !!!!. Thanks
Per Bernard Custard Gascó | 04/11/09 - 14:17:58 GMT +0100
Wonderful! I guess the fire extinguisher is not from the 17th century :). It's always a privilege to visit these ships, thak you!
Per Enrique Alvarez | 04/11/09 - 23:27:18 GMT +0100
Fianlly! This is just what I was looking for.
Per AiccqdfSIhHlqIYi | 04/11/11 - 20:39:42 GMT +0100
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