Antique cars and paintings exhibition at the Riga Motor Museum, Latvia

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Presa el 03/10/11
“Fruits of work”, a peculiar symbiosis of art and technology, is set on display this autumn at the Riga Motor Museum. For more than twenty years Andris and Edite Rode have been following their passion – Andris, restoring antique cars of the 20-30ies of the last century; Edite, painting still life. Result of their work – the “marriage of iron and flowers” – made the basis of this unusual exhibition.

During these years Andris has managed to return to life over twenty five luxurious automobiles, made mainly in Germany and the USA. Hit of the exhibition is a just restored ZIS-101, the first high-class Soviet limousine that was produced at the Joseph Stalin Factory in 1938. It is now the third existing fully restored car in the world.

Virtual Retro Car Show
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Lloc: Latvia

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Hi Vil,
it's nice to see the Virtual Retro Car Show growing!
Per Heiner Straesser | 13/10/11 - 07:32:43 GMT +0200
That's way the bestest aneswr so far!
Per RDrKagbghMxBhPmyYj | 04/11/11 - 19:58:07 GMT +0100
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Per JaFnLIUdjzOU | 05/12/11 - 18:35:26 GMT +0100

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