Gunna's fog

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Presa el 07/02/14
The signage at the head of the boardwalk leading to the steaming mud-crater of Gunnuhver explained that the area is named for the ghost of Guðrun Önundardóttir. Nicknamed Gunna, she was a dirt poor crofter deeply in debt to her landlord. When Gunna failed to pay her rent, he took away her only property — a cooking pot. Furious, Gunna cursed the landlord, and promptly dropped dead. On the way to the cemetery, the men carrying her coffin noticed that it became suspiciously lighter. As they were digging her grave, they heard a voice saying, “No need to dig deep; don’t plan to lie long.” It was the vengeful ghost of Gunna speaking. The next night, the landlord’s body was found on the heath, all bruised and broken — Gunna had exacted her revenge. Soon, the whole peninsula was being haunted by her ghost. The locals sought help from the pastor at Vogsósar, who was a known sorcerer. He gave them a ball of yarn and told them to lay it down. Gunna would pick up the end of the yarn and follow the rolling ball to a place from which she could no longer do harm. Thus, Gunna fell into a big mud spring — today known as Gunnuhver.
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Latitud: 63° 49' 8" N, Longitud: 22° 41' 9" W veure »

Lloc: Iceland

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