Asuan water reserve, Asuan, Egypt

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Asuan water reserve can be called a treasure of Egypt - it's huge dam produces a major amount of electricity consumed in this 140+ million country and almost all of it's reserves of fresh water.
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Latitud: 23° 53' 56" N, Longitud: 32° 50' 12" E veure »

Lloc: Egypt

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I like it very much !!!, When are you transport us to the pyramids? :)
Per Bernard Custard Gascó | 21/03/10 - 11:29:56 GMT +0100
Thank you, Bernard!
Wait a little  - I need to dig it from my archives.
Higher priority to 'my' Egypt as I've seen it during my trip in this wonderful land - the further from common tourists paths the better :)
Per Andrey Ilyin | 21/03/10 - 12:00:38 GMT +0100
Great pano:)
Per Sergey Kulishkin | 22/03/10 - 22:34:15 GMT +0100

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