Jesada Technik Museum

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Presa el 14/12/09
Jesada Technik Museum was initially a personal collection of Mr. Jedsada Dejsakulrit. He is a business man who travel the world to work and add new item to his collections.  

Currently, it is open for public for younger generation to learn more about classic automobile, tanks, motorcycle or even airplane.   with admission fee. for more information:
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Latitud: 13° 48' 17" N, Longitud: 100° 11' 18" E veure »

Lloc: Thailand

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Me encanta! Muy divertida!
Per Ra | 16/03/10 - 11:20:51 GMT +0100
What a nice collection of cars! Vil Muhametshin and I started the Virtual Retro Car Show. Add the title Virtual Retro Car Show to your description and your image is a part of it. To find the Virtual Retro Car Show you have to use the search tool words.
Per Heiner Straesser | 18/03/11 - 07:57:27 GMT +0100

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