Ranakpur Jain Temple, India

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Presa el 07/05/09
Incredible  marble temple fully crave in every tiny bit of pillar and beam.
Every minute you spend in this temple you will be amaze.
I, Personally, loves this place than Taj Mahal.

This temple was build around 14-15th century.

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Latitud: 25° 6' 56" N, Longitud: 73° 28' 21" E veure »

Lloc: India

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Incredible panorama Dheerayod, thanks for sharing it with us!!!!
Per Bernard Custard Gascó dD-Multimedia.com | 07/03/10 - 22:43:47 GMT +0100
Wow! You have been so lucky to be in such a wonderful place! And we are very lucky that you made so great pano andshared it with us! Thank you!
Per Enrique Alvarez | 08/03/10 - 07:31:16 GMT +0100
Thanks very much for sharing this picture.
I loved the place when I visited and I do agree that when you are there, it's more impressive than Taj Mahal (which is great, but it's "only" like you've seen in many posters).
Per Ivan | 30/06/10 - 02:11:15 GMT +0200
What a great photo little brother. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me. P'Nic
Per Nitiyar Pathibanthewa | 30/03/11 - 05:09:41 GMT +0200

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