Kennedy Space Center (Saturn V Rocket)

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Presa el 03/11/08
The Saturn V's huge size and payload capacity dwarfed all other previous rockets which had successfully flown at that time. Over 363 feet (110.6 m) high and 33 feet (10 m) (without fins) in diameter, with a total mass of over three thousand short tons and a payload capacity of 260,000 pounds (118,000 kg) to LEO, Comparatively, at 364 feet (111 m), the Saturn V is just one foot shorter than St Paul's Cathedral in London.
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Latitud: 28° 36' 19" N, Longitud: 80° 40' 9" W veure »

Lloc: Space Center, United States

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Just Amazing Niko, congratulations for pano !!! :)
Per Bernard | 05/11/08 - 23:30:18 GMT +0100

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