Good news from Iban Borras !

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Per Andrew Varlamov

Iban Borras wrote in his letter :

I have good news!

I was able to rewrite the map editor to mark the position of the panoramas.

You can publish again!

Google has outdated its version 2 of the Google Maps API (the one used by viewAt). I have updated the code to work with version 3. I still need to rewrite the engine that draws the panoramic points on the map. This will be more difficult ...

Please, apologize for the problems that this situation has caused.

13-15 Marzo 2012 - El IEFC presenta en Barcelona a la Faculty of Photojournalism de San Petersburgo

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Per Andrew Varlamov

KAIDAN - One swallow does not make the Spring - Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps - Одна ласточка весны не делает

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Per Andrew Varlamov

(EN) Taken from - Kaidan is no longer selling products - phrase from frontpage of

(RU) Взято с - Кайдан больше не продает свои изделия - надпись на стартовой странице