XI International Kite Festival II, Valencia, Spain.

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Latitud: 39° 28' 8" N, Longitud: -0° 19' 25" E

Lloc: Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain
Bernard Custard

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Front View, Valencia, Spain.

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Design by Santiago Calatrava it´s the most impressive opera house !!!

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Valencia, Spain.

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The Palace of Arts Reina Sofía it´s theater Opera. Valencia headquarters and the Symphony Orchestra of the Community Valencia is one of the...

Playa Pinedo, Valencia, España.

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Pinedo it´s a little town  next to Valencia. It is surrounded by rice fields and sea as it lies within the Park's natural Albufera. The local...

Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia, Spain

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La Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados se encuentra en la ciudad de Valencia. Destaca por ser el santuario de la Virgen de los Desamparados,...

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia, Spain

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The largest square is Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in front of you it´s the town hall. This is where the noisy fireworks of the mascletà can be heard...

Salón, MuVIM, Valencia, Spain

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One of the fourteen rooms of the Permanent exhibition about the enlightment and ilustration, an audivisual that takes 56 minutes around the...

San Franscisco de Borja Chapel

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The retable bears an 18th-century canvas by Salvador Maella showing the conversion of the Duke of Gandía, shown dressed as a knight of the order of...

The main chapel & the renaissance frescoes, Valencia, Spain.

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The construction of the Valencia Cathedral in a Gothic style began in 1262. On 21 May 1462, a “burning” pigeon, representing the Holy Spirit, was...

Universo, Valencia, Spain.

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Una sala de la exposición permamente situada en el MuVIM ( Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y Modernidad).

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