Summary of the highlights of May

Publié chez 03/06/2012

Par Team

295 new panoramas have been published this month on
Of which the fived more rated are:

Los Sitios de Astorga de 1812: Marchando a la batalla

by Henry Alvarez

Gunung Bromo crater, Java, Indonesia

by Simon Baudry

Los Sitios de Astorga de 1812: Preparando la municion

by Henry Alvarez

Art Nouveau in Budapest - Pariser Hof

by Carlo Pedersoli


by Moosbrugger Julius

And the most relevant authors are:

Aleksandrs Galiullins
from Riga, Latvia

Heiner Straesser
from Munich/Germany

Henry Alvarez

from Polska

Soledad Tante Agudo
from Polán (Toledo) ESPAÑA