360Thursday by Patrick Cheatham for Google + users

Published on 16/11/11

By Bernard Custard

Our college @Patrick Cheatham has put a link on Panoramic photographers on facebook that it´s a great idea that it´s #360thursday

#360Thursday is a weekly (Thursday!) photography theme on Google+, dedicated to 360° Photography.

The rules are simple:

Share any form of 360° photography, in a flattened projection: Little Planet, Equirectangular, Cylinder etc. (Please, no links to interactives; this is about the still image). Expand this post to see more info...

1) Upload ONE 360° photo on Thursday (no other day, Thursday only!).
2) Tag your post/photo with #360Thursday .
2a) Mention the curator, so he can follow you & share your post on +360Thursday:
+Patrick Cheatham
2b) Optionally mention this page:
3) Follow your work being shared with the most amazing photographers around the globe.
4) Search for the same tag by clicking it and enjoy other entries.
5) Join us, learn, have fun and network with other photographers.
6) Keep shooting and posting!

You can find more general information about themes here:

Thank you and Enjoy!

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