Size Matters: How to Build a HUGE Panoramic Photo, From Capture to Final Image

Publicat el 15/05/13

Per Team

It´s great to see how Chase Jarvis one of the most charismatic and great photographer explains how to do a large panorama. Good to see how this type of photography it´s getting more popular. Check out his facebook profile and check out his blog where he explains how to do a large panorama with several tools :).

Here we show a sneak peak of the post. 

The advent of digital photography has not only created easy access to photography like never before, it also has opened up creative and technical possibilities in image making that were once unimaginable. Creating large panoramas with theoretically limitless resolution is just one of those new frontiers. Photographers are pushing the processing limits of computer hardware with interactive panoramas well past the gigapixel range. The largest I found is a 272 gigapixel panorama of Shanghai, China. Pretty huge.

I’ll be talking about something a little easier to attain for those of us working on Mac Pros and iMacs (and even Windows machines I guess) — panoramas composited from far fewer frames than that needed to get a 272 gigapixel panorama.

For more info. Check out his article How to builed a huge panoramic photo