migration into a new server/ Migración de a un servidor nuevo.

Publicado em 02-10-2009

Por Team it is moving to a new, more powerful server to take on hikes and visits and to avoid temporary disconnections.During the next five or ten days you may notice some problems and the publication section is temporarily closed. We're moving all the material and this will take time ... and a little coordination.

The change will be worthwhile, and in a few days it will be running perfectly.

Meanwhile, apologies for any inconvenience you may be caused.


Estamos migrando a un nuevo servidor más preparado para asumir los aumentos bruscos de visitas y así poder evitar la desconexiones temporales. Durante los próximos cinco o diez días puede que notéis algunos problemas y el accecso a la publicación temporalmente cerrado. Estamos migrando todo el material y esto requiere tiempo y mucha coordinación.

A partir de ahora todo funcinará mejor y habrá valido la pena.

Mientras, disculpad las molestias que la migración os pueda ocasionar.


Problemas puntuales con el servidor / Ocassional server problems

Publicado em 21-09-2009

Por Bernard Custard

Por motivos técnicos ajenos a ésta mañana ha caído el servidor a las 7.00 AM y como habéis podido observar ha tardado un poco en ponerse otra vez en funcionamiento.

Hoy sobre las 21.00 h o 22.00 h habrá un otro corte para poder reparar la avería de hardware que tiene el servidor.

Lamentamos las molestias y esperemos que los problemas se solucionen lo más rápido posible.

Gracias por vuestra confianza.


This morning at 7:00 server was down for technical reasons as soon as possible it was working again. Today at 21.00 pm & 22.00 pm there will be another cut to repair the server damage.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope that the problems wil be sorted out quickly.

Thanks for your confidence.

New Firefox 3.5

Publicado em 08-07-2009

Por Team

This new version greatly enhances the web browsing. We recommend you to upgrade!

Firefox 3.5 is more than twice as fast as Firefox 3, and ten times as fast as Firefox 2.

6 Februari 2009 first notes about the Dutch Skies project

Publicado em 06-02-2009

Por Bob Groothuis

This the first test page. In the near future a lot of Dutch Skies will be uploaded here. The panorama's are shot in MDR en HDR. Also more info about this project will be shown stay tuned!



HDRI panorama photography for film & video, VFX and more... from the Netherlands

Server migration

Publicado em 27-06-2008

Por Team

Sorry for the inconvenience but the company responsible for doing the server migration has had technical difficulties, hopefully for Moday it will be settled down and everything back to normal.

Today we have reached at 1500 panoramas!

Publicado em 03-06-2008

Por Team

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