Epson International Panoramic Award 2012

Opublikowane w dniu 16.05.2012

Podpisany Team

As you already know a few days ago came out the winners of THE INTERNATIONAL EPSON PANO PHOTOGRAPHIC AWARDS. In the competition there are several categories, flat stitching with a 2:1 ratio and also 360º panoramas. Below this lines you´ve got the landing page of competition and also the direct links to the winners. 

The winners in the categories you can see them at Epson Award 2012 landing page. 

Nature Award Winner Open (Including Landscape) - Craig Bill, US

Open Award Winner The Built Environment (including architecture) - Peter Blakeman, AU

Amateur Award Winner Nature (including landscapes) - Anita Erdmann, CA 

Amateur Award Winner The Built Environment (including architecture) - Sergey Semenov, RU 

Major VR 2012/360 Winner - Eric Herrmann, US

Congratulations to everyone :)

More info at Epson Award 2012