Our best wishes in this moment of disgrace for our fellow panographers in Japan

Published on 12/03/2011

Da Henry Alvarez

I'm sure the whole community of panographers is overwhelmed by the moment of disgrace Japan is living now. I'd like to send our best wishes to Junichi Ogino, Kouji, Bokutouzawa, and all the rest of great photographers in viewat, hoping they and their beloved ones are doing ok at this moment.....once again the people in Japan are showing to the world their strength to endure such difficult circunstances. Our love and admiration to them all.

Tour virtual de las Cuevas de Valporquero en León

Published on 03/12/2010

Da Henry Alvarez

Sala de las Maravillas, Cueva de valporquero

Sala de las Grandes Maravillas, Cueva de Valporquero

Tour virtual por el interior de la impresionante Cueva de Valporquero, en la Provincia de León y sus alrededores en www.rottodigital.com/valporquero_tour/index.html

A virtual tour on the awesome inside & surroundings of the Vlaporquero Cave, in León (Spain)

Le Meridien bay flat panorama, Mediterranean sea, Limassol, Cyprus

Published on 19/11/2010

Da Kirill.Koshelev Qvestor

Le Meridien bay flat panorama

Another panorama (flat) of the Le Meridien seaside. I'd take 6 shots to make this panorama.

Making Sharp Images by Lloyd Chambers

Published on 11/09/2010

Da Bernard Custard

For those you are always asking, why my pictures arent consistently sharp? I drop you a great direction for improving them. I´ve been a suscriber of LLoyd for 7 month,and it worth every penny. I seriously recommend to go in and digg on his tutoriales because it´s great for improve our technique, doesn´t matter if you are a pro, amateur or beginner. Below you will read a little prologue and you can go to his website and check it out.

Making Sharp Images by LLoyd Chambers

Why aren’t my pictures consistently sharp? Here’s the real “missing manual” for your camera that shows you what’s possible and how to get it. Making Sharp Images is chock full of practical how-tos and tips suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers, and will cut years of learning down to weeks. Best of all, this guide will enable you to spend more time taking good pictures and less time sitting in front of your computer trying to fix flawed ones.



via: diglloyd

Webs relacionadas con panoramicas en Makeuseof / Eight panoramic websites at MakeuseOf

Published on 27/08/2010

Da Bernard Custard

MakeUseOf website have posted an interesting article on 8 different websites relating to virtual tours, you can see it directly through this link. However one website is forgotten,  like PanoDigg, web created by Marco Trezzini and it is great site. From viewAt.org we want to thank our users / visitors and also  MakeUseOf for the article.

En la página web Makeuseof han publicado un artículo interesante sobre 8 páginas webs diferentes relacionadas con visitas virtuales, el artículo lo podréis ver directamente a través de éste enlace. No obstante se han olvidado de alguna web más como Panodigg creada por Marco Trezzini. Desde viewAt.org queremos dar las gracias a nuestros usuarios/visitantes y a Makeuseof por elaborar el artículo.

Bernardcustard.com Web de Autor.

Published on 03/11/2009

Da Bernard Custard

Hi everyone.

I would like to invite you to my new website where I endeavor to show my artistic side, not only on panoramic photography and 360º, but also "normal photography" which is my least shown facet so far.

I hope you will enjoy it at http://www.bernardcustard.com

BernardCustard.com Photography

Bernard Custard 

Me gustaría invitaros a que visitéis mi nueva web, en ella trato de mostrar mi faceta más artística, no sólo en fotografía panorámica y de 360º, sino también en fotografía "normal" que es la que menos he mostrado hasta el momento.

Podéis visitarla en BernardCustard.com Photography

Espero que os guste...

Bernard Custard


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