Palmela 2011 Conferences

Published on 31/10/2011

Da Bernard Custard

For those you didn´t go to Palmela 2011. Now you can watch all the conference via web. Thanks to Palmela 2011 and @ IVRPA - International VR Photography Association .From we would like to thanks Palmela and also IVRPA to invite us to the event, it was a pleasure and a great experience.

Para todos aquellos que no pudistéis ir a Palmela 2011. Ahora podéis disfrutar de las conferencias. Gracias a Palmela 2011IVRPA - International VR Photography Association. Desde queremos agradecer a la organización de Palmela y a IVRPA Internacional VR photography association por habernos invitado al evento, fue un placer y una experiencia fantástica.

Calculadora de fotografías por esfera

Published on 26/07/2011

Da Manuel Vega Velazquez

Field Of View and Panorama Production Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate the Field Of View of both fisheye and normal lenses and the number of images needed for a panorama using a given overlap. This number is not returned as an integer. This enables you to see if the desired field of view can be reached with less images and a smaller but acceptable overlap.

1 Enter Data: Enter the data of your lens and the size of the image used. This can be film or a CCD. You can use the popup window to enter the values of the most commonly used films, SLR digital cameras and lenses.

2 Calculate Field of View (FOV): Push the first button 'calculate now!' The FOV for both the fisheye and normal lens is calculated.

3 Calculate Panorama: Choose a desired overlap and panorama angle and calculate the number of images needed using the second button.

4 Calculate Overlap: Enter a number of images close to the calculated number and decide if this number will result in an acceptable overlap by pushing the third button.

The calculation for fisheye lenses is theoretical. If the image is larger than the image circle of the lens (i.e. circular fisheye) the calculator will not warn you for the fact that the image area will not be covered by the image circle of the lens.

Les muestro el blog didáctico de Visitas Virtuales Vega:

Published on 26/07/2011

Da Manuel Vega Velazquez

Tour virtual interactivo del Museo Histórico del Bierzo en Ponferrada

Published on 22/07/2011

Da Henry Alvarez

Museo del bierzo

Os presentamos un recorrido por el interior de Museo Histórico del Bierzo de Ponferrada, en el edificio que fué antiguo consistorio y después carcel de la villa hasta mediados del s.XX.

A virtual tour on the inside of the Historical Museum of the Bierzo County in northwestern Spain. The building was the living quarters for the local "corregidor" or city crown officier, and the city council headquarters in the XVII century, and the city Jail until middle XX century.

New features and three new Pro Accounts

Published on 03/06/2011

Da Bernard Custard

Today we just presented at Palmela 2011 the new features. Now you can view them. Also all the members that they are registered they will have a discount of -15% of the prices and all the user who attended at Palmela 2011 they will have the same discount.

If you are interested, you only have to send an email to asking that you want to buy Pro Account. One last thing, VAT it´s included on the price.

Thanks to everyone, because without your help it would be impossible to do it. Also special thanks to Carlos Chegado and IVRPA ASSOCIATION for the invitation !!



Fotografia panoramica para principiantes... Knol de MVEGAV

Published on 27/03/2011

Da Manuel Vega Velazquez

Resultados de la investigación del tema. Desde este sitio pretendo acumular y compartir los resultado de la investigación del tema de la fotografía panorámica.

Ahi se encuentra la trayectoria para llevar al punto de poder hacer mi primer Fotografìa Panorámica Esférica en marzo del 2011.

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